Song Stories

The writing of songs has been a hobby of mine for more years than I care to remember.

I have always enjoyed a good story and good humour, especially when combined in a song.

As a young adult looking for opportunities to sing in folk clubs, I had the desire to perform but lacked confidence in my own ability. Singing songs with an engaging story, peppered with humour, was my way of dealing with that. I always thought that if the audience were concentrating on the story and laughing at the humour, they would not be focusing on the quality of the voice delivering it.

Inevitably, I got fed up singing the same old songs and and started hunting for new material.

It occurred to me that I could possibly write my own songs and that started me on what has been an enjoyable pastime for over half a century now.

I found that writing about my own experiences produced the best results. But condensing a story into half a dozen verses meant leaving out lots of detail. There were also aspects of the stories that I would not have been comfortable sharing with my parents.

So my ‘song stories’ are intended to share the full story behind some of my songs.